Screw in Pegs is a company based in Adelaide, South Australia founded by Brian who has been using a number of different designs of screw in pegs on his annexe for several years.  He started using large washers to hold the D rings, rope and springs that hold his annexe.  Finding that it is difficult to hold the washer in place whilst handling and drilling, he invented a head for the peg .  This head stays attached to the peg, due to the spring tension in the metal wire head.  Keeping the head attached to the peg, instead of a separate washer also assisted with storage of the peg.

When other campers and caravaners saw how well the peg worked, he was asked to sell the pegs.  After considerable research making various types of peg heads and experimenting with different screw types, he started selling his pegs to friends and using the design himself, now for two years.

Brian also looked at importing ready made pegs as sold by many stores.  He found the problem with them is that the head is plastic and will deteriorate.  Additionally, the head will not turn independent of the screw, making it difficult to screw in and potentially damaging to the tent or annexe wall.

Due to the demand and the satisfaction of many users, he created a machine to make the pegs and now offers the satisfaction of a great design which is quick to use, to all Australians who use an annexe or tent.

At this time, the pegs are only sold via this web site or on eBay.

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  1. Hi. I bought a pack of 9 to trial about a month ago and was impressed. Can you do me a special price for 208 pegs please? I have ordered 50 new tents for my business. If all goes well I might be looking for another large order next year.
    Matthew Kosloff
    Ballarat Coachlines

  2. Matthew has received his first 350 pegs. A total of 1,250 to be delivered by November for the
    Great Victorian Bike ride so the tents can be erected and dismantled quickly.
    Thanks for the order Matthew.

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